Having Email Problems With Your Smartphone?

Setting up your mobile email client seems straight forward enough, but if you encounter reoccurring issues with your mobile device, here are a few tips for troubleshooting. These tips should work regardless of your server, be it Google or any other server that is hosting your email.

  1. Reboot (power down & turn back on) your phone. See if this clears any issues.
  2. Check your email push settings. Reset them if necessary. Make sure you have the correct inbound and outbound mail server information. For accessing mail via Google you will need your inbound server (receiving mail) set to imap.gmail.com and your outbound server (sending mail) to smtp.gmail.com. iPhone OS4.x doesn’t require the user to set their server, but it helps to take this extra step.
  3. Check and/or reset your email password. To reset your password you will need to log into GoogleApps and go to your Account Settings page. Changing your password is found here under personal settings. From this page you can reset your password for your email account.
  4. According to Google if you’re receiving SSL-related errors, such as ‘Cannot Connect Using SSL’ when accessing Gmail via IMAP, check that your iPhone settings are correct.  SSL: SSL (secure socket layer) is a way of changing data (such as your username and password) into code as it travels across the Internet so that the data will be secure and private.
  5. If your settings are right, you may be connecting through a wi-fi network that contains a firewall.  Please try connecting to IMAP1 through a connection other than wi-fi to see if this resolves the issue. You can try disabling the wi-fi network (just be sure to remember to turn it back on) and refreshing via the cell phone.  If the problem continues, Google suggests following up with your internet  service provider (ISP) or with your wireless network’s support team.
  6. Another troubleshooting suggestion is that you change your email password to something shorter and/or less complicated. This is only for testing. Once you have your email working again, for security purposes you will need to reset your password again to the following standard: no fewer than 8 characters, a combination of special characters (&,%,# and so on), and a combination of upper and lowercase letters recommended.

To configure an Android device for GoogleApps go here.

For other specific clients, go here for a full list.

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