Getting Started With Mighty Mail Email Marketing

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Now that your new Mighty Site has launched, it’s time to start thinking about marketing your business online. Your website is only one part of the Mighty Site package. This is where Mighty Mail comes into play.  With the Mighty Site package, you are provided with two custom-branded email templates. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to help you get started. And if you need a visual tutorial, we have also create a few videos to help you along the way.

5 Easy Steps to Get Started:

Image of how to Create a New Campaign 1. Login.
To login, from your browser go to Use your username and password on your Client Login form to log into your account.

Image of Adding Content to Your Campaign 2. Create a Campaign.

From the overview tab, simply click the “create a new campaign” button on the far right.

You have been set up with two custom branded templates to choose from:  “Simple Announcement” and “Simple Newsletter.” An “announcement” is a simple format for light content with a few images. The “newsletter” format has a sidebar with a table of contents for Email campaigns that require more content, images, and links.

3. Add Content.
To add content, click on the gray ‘edit’ tab and select a pre-formatted text box from the dropdown bar. You can choose from a text only format or text that includes an image gallery. After you have all your content in place, you can preview your Email campaign by clicking the green ‘preview’ tab in the upper right corner.

4. Manage Subscribers.
Each campaign begins with creating a new, or selecting a mailing list of recipients. You can create as many different lists as you need for your business. Simply upload your .CSV (a comma-separated values list) from your address book. You can open .CSV files in most spreadsheet applications, such as Microsoft Excel, edit the list, and then upload to your Mighty Mail account. More about .CSV files and how to create them.

New signups from your website are automatically routed into your Mighty Mail account.  Other metrics such as unsubscribes or bounces are also managed internally. For example, every Email you send includes a single-click ” unsubscribe link, and our preference center feature allows your subscribers to manage their own subscription.

Image for Schedule Your Campaign 5. Schedule Your Campaign.

Once you have created content and uploaded your mailing list, we recommend that you ‘test’ your campaign by sending it to your individual Email address.  You want to make sure you are happy with the way the campaign would appear to your recipients.  This is your chance to make adjustments to your writing or images without others seeing your mistakes.

After you have tested your campaign, you are ready schedule a ‘delivery’. Follow the steps to attach your subscriber list. You can send your campaign immediately or schedule the delivery for a date and time.

Watch the Video.
We created two videos on how to get started. These may help if this is a new process for you and your business, or if you need help adding content, links, and images. You can find them on our YouTube channel. Here are the links:
Digital Marketing: Creating an Email Campaign
Digital Marketing: Adding More Content and Sending Your Campaign

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