Planning Your Web Presence

Like anything you do with your business you need to (or should) make a plan. Unless you are in the habit of wasting time and money, having an effective strategy for your on-line presence is important. Take the time to plan how your web presence will enhance and support your business objectives and keep it simple and meaningful. Remember, the 80/20 rule and focus on the actions that can bring you the majority of your results with the least amount of effort.

Lay out your strategy: A Few Questions

  1. What are your business objectives and how can your web presence help you meet those objectives?
  2. Who is my target user? And what will they visit my on-line presence for?
  3. Make a list of your social media. How will you use each? And how frequently?
  4. How will I market and promote my on-line presence?
  5. What are your on-line targets and how will I measure if my objectives are being met?

Take the time to draft a mini business plan for your on-line presence, revisit your goals and objectives regularly. With a little bit of planning you can realize the full potential of your on-line presence and avoid costly mistakes.

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