Setting Up a Facebook Page

Professionals and businesses have been using Facebook to promote their businesses and enhance their business networking. Facebook has developed a number of tools that make this possible. One such tool is a business page (more commonly known as a “fan” page). A business page allows you to set up a Facebook presence for your business, use the Facebook application to network with other users, and promote your business to users who “Like” your page. A user “Like” for your business page gives you direct access to those fans by posting your business page updates into user’s news streams. A recent study from Marketing Profs suggests that the average Facebook “Like” for your business page translates into $136.38 of revenue for your business. From this you can see how developing¬† a robust community around a Facebook business page can be beneficial to your business by enhancing customer loyalty.

Get Started and Set-up Your Business Page in 6 Easy Steps

  1. Set up your business page. To create a business page, you will have to be logged into Facebook through your personal account. Use this link and fill in the form titled “Official Page,” to create your business page. Once you click “Create . . . ” you will be taken to your brand new business page.
  2. Create a Facebook business page landing page screenshot.

  3. Become Your Own Fan.Yes, become your own fan! It’s perfectly legal in most states and just because you created the page doesn’t mean you “Like” it too, so click the “Like” button and be one “Like” closer to the magic number of 25 “Likes.”
  4. Add your business information. Next, add your business information. There are two places for you to add information about your business. One is on the main page in the left sidebar under “info”. Just click on the box and you can edit right on the page. A couple of notes: there is a character limit in this box, so keep it to the point. Also, make sure to add a link to your regular website or any other social media your business is on. To make the link clickable, be sure to add “http://” or “http://www.” If you just add “yourdomain”.com, users will not be able to visit by clicking on the link.Once you have added your sidebar info, click the info tab at the top of your business page. Then click the “Edit Information” link to display the editable business information for your page. Remember, any boxes you leave blank will not be displayed. Use the “Detailed Information” to add even more. Remember to save any changes before you leave this page.
  5. Facebook business page info screenshot.

  6. Add a custom image or graphic. Once you have your information added to your business page you will want to add a custom graphic or image. A great eye-catching graphic is a sure-fire way to have users “Like” your page. If possible, add information such as other social media URLs or a tag line to your graphic. For instance, you could have a graphic that says, “Got a Question? Ask me here” and have an arrow pointing to your status update box. This makes you the expert. Be creative, be original, be novel, and score the “Like!” *Note, Facebook limits your graphics width to 200px wide by about 600px long with a total file size of 4mb.
  7. Add a custom image screenshot.

  8. Post content. Now you’re ready to start posting content. Use the status update box (“What’s on your mind?”) to add information to your page. You can add text updates, links, events, pictures, or videos to your posts by using the icons at the bottom of the status update box. Click the “Share” button to post to your page. Before you start promoting your page make sure to have a few interesting posts that will entice users to “Like” your page.
  9. Facebook status update box screen shot.

  10. Add users. (see image #3 above) Start adding users by clicking the “Suggest to a Friend” link under your custom image. Choose any of your friends from your personal network and invite them to “Like” your page. After you have at least 25 “Likes”, create a custom URL for your business page. The default URL for your business page assigned by Facebook is not user-friendly, but after you have 25 “Likes” you can set a new, more user friendly URL like “”yourbusinessname”. To create a custom URL for your business page,¬†use this link.

Now you’re ready to go. Remember to regularly post content to your page that users will find beneficial and useful. This can include tips, advice, event announcements, videos, pictures, promos, and so on. Be sure to add your URL for your Facebook business page to all your real and virtual media and you will be on your way to leveraging this valuable business tool.

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