One Page Websites

We have designed plenty of sites for businesses and individuals and the one thing I often find is not every client needs to have a full on multi-page web presence or have the desire to create it.

Fact is, for some sites, most users are there for just a few reasons. One is to find out how to contact your business or get directions. The other is to get a little more information about your products or services. That’s it! This is the reality for most web sites. When’s the last time you have read through in depth case studies presented on a companies web site . . . Aaaaah, NEVER!

The Golden Rule is give the users what they want. Given this fact, I often wonder why more businesses don’t opt for a simpler approach, I have my theories. But why not consider a one page web site?

In the past, “brochure” sites were rather uninspiring and offered a fairly flat user experience. But, one page sites today can contain a wealth of information and functionality. With the deft use of social networking sites, Content Management System software, and Ajax and Java Script, one page sites can match the same user experience as multi-page sites with only a fraction of the hassle and cost.

So say for instance, your a restaurant, you could easily posts events, promos and/or daily specials, display menus, link in Google maps for directions, offer an in-page contact form, hook in your Flickr (see sidebar) or Picasa account for displaying photos, and even offer a guest feedback form all within one page. Page navigation is handled with links, like on any site, but all happens within the page with a really slick Java Script scroll or you could opt for collapsing boxes or the like.

Honestly, why don’t I think business owners opt for the one page site? Sometimes I think it’s ego, sometimes I think it’s just habit. But there are some real advantages to one page sites. Most importantly COST! From a development and design end it’s faster and easier to develop, design, host and manage one page sites. And when things are easier they are CHEAPER! Additionally, you won’t have to spend hours writing pages of content. Generally speaking, getting content out of client can be an ordeal. So why not minimize the headaches and focus on what your site visitors really want and what will bring your business results.

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