10 Reasons Our Sites Are Just Better

I am not big a fan of the overt sales pitch, but, I have a business to run and sometimes you just have to lay it out for prospective clients.

No doubt, right now, you are looking at a few different web companies to design or re-design your site but, I wanted to take a moment to tell you why, plainly, our sites are just better. Below are ten things that set us apart from most other web design firms, I know because I have dealt with them, too. Whether in collaboration, fixing sites they build, consulting with a client on their web strategy, or as a site user.

This is why we are a better choice:

1.You are in the loop every step of the way.
We will work closely with you from the planning stages of your site and until after your site launches. You are in the loop the entire way, after all it is your business and your website, to make sure you know where we are and where we are headed. If at anytime before, during, or after, you have any questions, just call, whether it’s about your site, your latest internet discovery, or about the weather, we are here.
2.We provide business solutions.
Your on the web to do business and we understand that is your number one priority. We start with learning everything about your business and your online objectives and then, we propose effective, engaging, elegant, web solutions that help you meet your business objectives.
3.Clean, elegant design and user interface.
We make it a priority to make sites that are user friendly and not let the design get in the way of your business message. We love good design but it’s the means, not the end.
4.Semantic properly formed code and coding standards.
Code is not something that is always apparent from the surface but it can make a big difference down the road. The code we create is well organized and extensible making future site changes and additions easier and less costly. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone into sites for maintenance and the maintenance is more work then just starting over because of how the code was written or structured.
5.We don’t over build sites.
We build sites that work. It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole when it comes to web technologies and suddenly, find that you have created a monster, for users and for you to manage. We will help you keep your site focused and on message.
6.Cutting edge not bleeding edge.
We spend a lot of time making sure we are staying current with the latest developments, whether its, web standards, coding, technology, social media, and so on, and we understand which ones can help you do business on the web and the ones that aren’t ready for prime time. The last thing you want is to launch a marketing campaign on the latest social media outlet where the top trending topic is #Justin Bieber. Don’t know who Justin Beiber is, we don’t either, we just hear he’s the latest rage with all the tweeners.
7.We stick around after the job is done.
Sure, we like to build websites that allow our clients to take control managing their own web presence but we also understand from time to time you will need an assist or a little advice. After your site launches, we will be around to help you with anything that comes up, whether it’s setting up email on your new iPhone (I get that call a lot these days!), tips on the latest trends, or upgrades to your CMS software, we will be around to provide the necessary support and guidance during the life cycle of your website.
8.Agency level work for less.
I understand you probably can find web services for less, but also, I know when you compare us against agencies that create similar quality work, the work we do could save you thousands. I know this because are clients have told us so.
9.Upfront quoting.
From the outset we will provide you a hard and fast proposal and we stick to it. If the project scope is expanded down the road we are upfront about additional charges and will work with you to find the most cost effective solutions.
10.Probably the most important reason, We have happy clients!

Well that’s it, my overt sales pitch. If you have made it this far, thanks for hearing me out. Take a moment to browse our site and we look forward to collaborating with you on your upcoming project.